Monday, 25 May 2009

bits and pieces

This is my foreign Legion conversion

and next is the Hachette vrsion

The Legionaaire from 1858 is one of my all time favourte èpieces ever.Its 80mm but what a figure.From Hachette. After ar my new castings

Saturday, 2 May 2009


New 54mm soldiers for sale are these.Garibaldi on horseback Pai8nted 10 pounds and will come either as a boxed figure or with five Garibaldini
This ACW artillery officer will be cast and will join the list of my toy soldiers as opposed to Model soldiers .Will be £4 unpainted. Can easily be converted into French artillery or cavalry at San Martino

Naples Line infantry at the battle of ASPROMONTE. These are available painted

Another shot.These are still being finisghed as regards the painting .Will show you the final product soon

French line infantry at Solferinio

Again! Will show finished product.You can choose handmade individual wooden boxes or Britains style boxes.