Monday, 27 April 2009


The real west was really opened up after the Texan army defeated the Mexicans at San Jacinto.A totally unjustifiable war .It was a war that like the myth of Iwo Jima and other celebrated incidents that never happened had within it one of the biggest lies of American history=Crockett's end.

The Civil war brought new opernings to the expansion of the west.Here are sweveral original prints from the NYC archives

"B.Company" Be here when you go and be here when you get back IF you get back.The Civil war was abouty land rights more than anything else.

The real face of the US cavalry. Lean,mean and not exactly Crescent's idea

These imex all have the wrong hats.The hats are more federali mexican

Crescent 7th cav. I had all these as a kid and I never really liked them that much.

I had these Mexicans and used to refight battles between Mexicans and US cavalry.Great games even now.These are still the best Mexicans around anywhere

I think the Crescent trumpeter is good to be honest

An Italian PVC piece


Terrible paint job on these.

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Aboove are the project I casually embarked upon to create a Dien Bien Phu scenario.The real problem is making up the Viet Minh.
Do you know of any uniform fonts for these at the time of the French.
I was dissapointed with my painting after I saw the results with my new macro so I'll be redoing these.

This was a French Para without the long US jaxcket that I created.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Friday, 10 April 2009


  1. I walked into this Venice Mestre store and there they all were at penny prices. I bought them.Here they are or at least one. Thats one of my US Marine boxes behind for my range of 54mm US marines in Mexico
    I was given this by a kid who'd discovered girls and you know the rest.

    Timpos painted up by a collector

    The old Airfix kit

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


No idea what this is.Is it a Confederate?

One of the worst ever plastic series of the civil war

I'm building a Civil War artillery officer.More photos when finished.

Two Hill conversions

Another conversion not yet finished.

Still painting this

And this

Original piece not finished. Hasn't turned out well so far. Based on the Lee Marvin Character in "Raintree County"

More or less finished

A bit of progress

New metal bayonet.Much better

Never understood the point of these...there in green plastic so are now Irish=stupid

Great shot

Great model by Roberts?

I think this is Dixon

This will just be a place where I'll post any interesting uniforms of the ACW that you may want to use as ref material. So keep coming back here as I'll be updating here.