Saturday, 31 May 2008


Model Soldiers

I think these pieces from plastic from the past could have great conversion possibility . You?

Friday, 30 May 2008


Model Soldiers The Burma Campaign under one of the greatest English leaders General Slim was a hard one that resembled the hand to hand fighting of the First world war. These soldiers above are of the Dunken company (but it seems they are ex-Airfix) and they represent THE FORGOTTEN ARMY.


Model Soldiers
O'Connor who led the British and commonwealth forces in Eygpt and Libya at the beginning of the Desert War shattered all Italian resistance in a series of wonderfully invented actions. He was not greatly outnumbered but faced terrible odds yet he created such a great use of his men that the Italians run with their tail between their legs. It basically was the triumph of Anglo Saxon logic over Latin rhetoric and hollow at that. Here we see the great O'Connor plus an Italian infantryman in 54mm in sun helmet. Alongside O'Connor is Bordaglio who after the 1910 war in Libya tried his hand in the desert campaign. He was everything the great O'Connor wasn't. The newsagent soldiers is of an Italian libyan auxilary. This series is very rare now but I have some copies at 10 pounds each. There are many different WW2 subjects.

Thursday, 29 May 2008


Model Soldiers
The top piece is one of my own production and I will be going on with this series producing as many as I can of the Napoleonic wars. I am thinking now of Russian Guards to take these on in a Skirmish. The Napoleon is by Naples famous Capodimonte. Did you know that china is a superb medium for soldiers? The English infantry and the French ones are in Resin by F.I.W. I love this wargames display. I think its brilliant.


Model Soldiers. The French intervention into Vietnam was ill prepared and like the American one doomed to failure. Here we can see various uniforms used by the French. the last one is authentic Viet Minh gear. Its rare to see this.


Model Soldiers
The Maximillian expedition of the French in Mexico is a very interesting period. Here's some food for thought.


The series of newsgent figures of the Carabinieri is still available. Here is the brochure.The photo of the US Special forces is a HO OO figure well painted. The Atlantic artillery and their box art are prized items that I'm trying to add to my collection. Its amazing that an Italian soldier company did this set of Nazi figures for kids but I think it was a good learning occasion becvause as I said in Toy Soldier magazine Model soldiers has to have an intellectual background so I'm all in favour of Stuff like King and Country's Gestapo set. The shot of the landing party in Libya is the elite San Marco regiment. See below for other examples of the Italian colonial adventure

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Model soldiers


Above is a soldier from the newsagent's edition of soldiers of the world by Agostini. He is part of an Italian Landing party in Libya. Below are some Charbens pirates.

Model Soldiers

The plastic piece is a Mike Blake photo of the A.I.P series. The metal pieces are again Clydecast and represent some of their best work.

Monday, 26 May 2008


Model Soldiers

Tarleton rode the enemy ragged in the American War of Independence. He was one, contrary to Mel Gibson's film , who took prisoners and offered quarter. I'd really like to do this fellow in Toy soldier form. Here he is painted by Reynolds



These Carbens and Cherilea recasts from PLASTICS FROM THE PAST are ideal conversion material. The two marching could easily be done in most periods. The Arabs are not great figures but it would be interesting to see what could be done. The U.S cavalry are terribly wooden but again I think great conversion material; lots of stuff here to bend and alter.The Legion pieces are some of the worst ever done but it would be good to , lets say elongate their legs , cut the kepis right, add metal bayonets etc. The two hunters are really crap but I'll leave it up to you to do a conversion here on these two. Show me what a great artist you really are.

Model Soldiers