Monday, 27 April 2009


The real west was really opened up after the Texan army defeated the Mexicans at San Jacinto.A totally unjustifiable war .It was a war that like the myth of Iwo Jima and other celebrated incidents that never happened had within it one of the biggest lies of American history=Crockett's end.

The Civil war brought new opernings to the expansion of the west.Here are sweveral original prints from the NYC archives

"B.Company" Be here when you go and be here when you get back IF you get back.The Civil war was abouty land rights more than anything else.

The real face of the US cavalry. Lean,mean and not exactly Crescent's idea

These imex all have the wrong hats.The hats are more federali mexican

Crescent 7th cav. I had all these as a kid and I never really liked them that much.

I had these Mexicans and used to refight battles between Mexicans and US cavalry.Great games even now.These are still the best Mexicans around anywhere

I think the Crescent trumpeter is good to be honest

An Italian PVC piece


Terrible paint job on these.

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