Sunday, 21 March 2010

The hysterical American vesus the non-hysterical (possibly lobotomized?) American.

The idea of living in a country where guns are a part of culture would leave me cold. The owners of guns are basically afraid, they are afraid of the immigrants, afraid of the testo "wife" and thus having to endure a life of fear they have a well honed method, hysterical outpourings against everyone, so what is now a well-established method of the right wing exhausts me. The method is HYSTERIA, as if you have not noticed. This is what they are hysterical about:

and this

and this

and this

and this

and this
and especially their her indoors

obama is taking our firepower. He's a commie!!!!!We don't mind our taxes going to corporations and banks but fire will rain from the heavens if we actually get something for our tax dollars, like health care.

Obama's health care plan includes the sexual molestation their "her indoors". Obama wants their walmart "Her Indoors" with baseball bats.Is this it now?They EVEN, and this is really funny, think Obama is radical.

 The state of political of dialogue in America is putting right-wing oakies  on televsion  where they vomit ridiculous crap from them holes in their faces in an effort to get the most stupid of our nation riled up.  And guess what? its the most entertaining comic act since Tom Lehrer wrote National Brotherhood week.One week of every year is designated National Brotherhood Week.

" This is just one of many such weeks honoring various worthy causes. One of my favorites is National Make-fun-of-the-handicapped Week which Frank Fontaine and Jerry Lewis are in charge of as you know. During National Brotherhood Week various special events are arranged to drive home the message of brotherhood. This year, for example, on the first day of the week Malcolm X was killed which gives you an idea of how effective the whole thing is. I'm sure we all agree that we ought to love one another and I know there are people in the world that do not love their fellow human beings and I hate people like that. Here's a song about National Brotherhood Week.

Oh, the white folks hate the black folks,

And the black folks hate the white folks.

To hate all but the right folks

Is an old established rule.

But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,

Lena Horne and Sheriff Clarke are dancing cheek to cheek.

It's fun to eulogize

The people you despise,

As long as you don't let 'em in your school.

Oh, the poor folks hate the rich folks,

And the rich folks hate the poor folks.

All of my folks hate all of your folks,

It's American as apple pie.

But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,

New Yorkers love the Puerto Ricans 'cause it's very chic.

Step up and shake the hand

Of someone you can't stand.

You can tolerate him if you try.

Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics,

And the Catholics hate the Protestants,

And the Hindus hate the Muslims,

And everybody hates the Jews.

But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week,

It's National Everyone-smile-at-one-another-hood Week.

Be nice to people who

Are inferior to you.

It's only for a week, so have no fear.

Be grateful that it doesn't last all year!

I be afraid,and you  be very afraid, in fact, feel free to get hysterical about it.

cos one day one of the loons might just get to be the boss

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