Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Toy Soldier Magazine

Tutto Soldatino as I have said in the past is the best magazine of all. Very scholarly articles based on facts from well known authours. This is a far cry from Toy Soldier magazine where much of the content is "I want it to be like this history". Toy Soldier magazine went down the pan when the old editor Mark took over who nicked one of my articles and more or less didn't pay me (the ditor before him sent me the revised article as if to say look what he did)then Stuart Hennessy more or less gave the whole thing over to the American market just like M.M before it and now its like ....boring...and unfactual. A recent article on the Blue Division plainly shows this, what gets me are the throwaway remarks that we are supposed to accept as the gospel

peanuts =Chimpanzees!

If you can find Tutto Soldatino get it. By the way I do not have shgares in it and its in Italian with a bit of English but a fantastic presentation

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