Thursday, 2 June 2011


After they had butchered all the women and kids, killed the men on the barges(below)Then LUCKNOW WAS ATTACKED, FROM MAY TO NOVEMBER 1857.ALL TOOK REFUGE IN THE RESIDENCY, ABOUT 900.

  1. 10,000 Mutineers beseiged Lucknow.Terror, the women weeping, all seemingly lost. But a man called Henry Havelock was making a forced march to relieve the sufferers; a 1000 men , the hottest weather, he scored three victories on his way and on his way was CAWNPORE. On the 17th of July he saw the remains of the women, the children, and the ground still soaked in blood. He saw the Horror that had taken place. Cholera had attacked his troops, dysentery too,Havelock travelled on and he scored another victory.Urged to press on to Lucknow he decided he must turn back to Cawnpore, his small force was decidely short of ammo.He was replaced by Outram but Outram knew the worth of Henry Havelock, it had taken courage to turn back. Sir James Outram then stood down in honour of the great Havelock the honour of storming Lucknow. But because of numbers it was obvious that Lucknow could only be reinforced not taken.Below is a Frontline piece of Sir Colin Campbell(TO BE CONTINUED)

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