Saturday, 28 March 2009


The life of J.Edgar Hoover is more or less the life that some call the American Dream with loony tunes thrown in for a bit of perverse fun.Its the story of a boy who grew from nothing like Nixon to become the man who had the most power in American.He was everything at the same time=

Cross dresser/transvestite (girls just gotta have fun)

Leader of the FBI

Seen by his country as the perfect upholder of the American way of life

Perverter of the young

Had a "Wife" who was a male FBI agent (see Photo above; note the shoes)



Religous or at least said he was

And the hysterical thing is that it was all true!!!! But he did have his positive side and one of these was to unveil to the world what Martin Luther King really was!!!!

And that leads me to observe that behind every "My country right or wrong wallah" there's an Edgar Hoover trying to emerge. But the idea of gangsterism has always been popular; the untouchables first screened in 1959 was a series which in some way got things right as regards the historical value.The excellent Robert Stack played Elliot Ness and it showed that good can often overcome evil.The gangsters were a group of men who came mainly out of Chigago and were the psychotic (maybe) offspring of immigrants. Blind ambition was their watchword but at least they had some guts unlike many of America's corrupt (then and now)politicians.

The central role of Hoover as regards the gangsterism in America was because he refused to acknowledge the existance of the Cosa Nostra. He preferred the so called publicity of the public enemy such as John Dillinger.
The brilliant series by Marx left all the other soldier makers for dead in their brilliant idea of choosing subjects.A bit like Atlantic.

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