Tuesday, 31 March 2009


  1. Connery was the only Bond.Why? Because all the rest looked like they couldn't get really nasty but Sean , well he exuded menace, looked like he could take care of himself in real life.Above is the only 'plastic figures that I know that were directly made in conjunction with James Bond Films.They are Lone Star and from Thunderball.

The womwn were of course essential and Sean also was the right man for this as in real life they fell at his feet.Ever met a woman who said they didn't like the young Connery?

His gun was a Walther=why? I don't know.

These soldiers are supposed to be from Thunderball.I have my doubts on that.

Good wines and spirits were essential and Bond knew his drinks;a bit more than a Millers high life wouldn't you say

The girls came and they went.Bond drew them im and then made them unhappy. Who was the most sexy? well my idea was Honor Blackman=Pussy Galore.

instructions for the airfix kit .Bond and oddjob

ODDJOB. I hated him.I wanted him dead as soon as I saw him.

Connery on the set.Like the beer bottles!

Early photo of Sean.He looks the bizz yeah?

One of the sixties toy soldiers put out to follow the Thunderball film

The clothes were the thing.No one was cooler than Bond

ODDJOB was a Korean . He died because he got his hat in a twist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Airfix art work.Fantastic!

PUt Bond together.An early multipose by Airfix

ODDJOB as well.

Another Bond piece

This is where to come for anything to do on Bond.OK!!!! Will be adding .
Bond is a great great British figure with all the class that American spys always lacked.

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