Tuesday, 11 October 2011

dishonesty by blogger

Due to problems invented by Blogger and Google this blog will be moving on . It seems every time we get near to being paid out for the ads this and my other blogs create (but especially for them) they find an excuse not to pay.The latest one was that my photos were too big. This was given as an excuse on THE ITALIAN WARS OF INDEPENDECE. The other excuse was that I was inciting readers to click ads. I have no incitements like this. So we'll be leaving. I'd just ask you not to get involved with Google blogs. In my opinion =Not honest.the new blog will not be supported by people like these from blogger and will be independent.Blogger because of their totally unreasonable attitude will lose about 2,000 people clicking on my blogs every week. AND THEY ARE ALSO VERY UNCOPERATIVE AS THE ADS THEY PUT ON MY BLOGS NORMALLY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONTENT. WE WILL LEAVE THE NEW ADDRESS HERE WHEN ITS READY. IF YOU WANT TO START A BLOG DONT START ONE HERE. BE INDEPENDENT.

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