Friday, 14 November 2008

bits and pieces

1.Morelia made Reb .This was actually Nardi from Milan but called Morelia in Argentina. Strange piece with the head too big for the body but it does have personality
2.KINGS AFRICAN LEGION conversion from Matchbox Afrika Korps.3.SOLDATINO magazine. I used to buy this every month but it has now reached around 10 pounds a copy so I said thank you very much but you can keep it.Its a better magazine than Toy soldier (thats basically a catalogue type thing now) and concentrates on painting ,showing technique on 54mm soldiers. These Germans with deaths head on their helmets would be a great conversion thing on lets say deetail pieces but who are they what regiment? Do you know? Finally a running Union officer from Xiloplasto a plastics firm in Italy that also did Swoppitts.By the way if you come here please click all the ads.Lets help each other.

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