Friday, 7 November 2008


ATTACK By Robert Aldrich was one of those films in a million.Palance, Marvin King of Cool) Albert. The road to berlin was paved with many obstacles, the foremost being Eddie Albert's character.The great scene in the film is how Palance gets killed; this is truly amazing. HELL is For HEROES was another Aldrich film; why was he a great director? Well he didn't have the Spielburg affinity for sentimental crap.

As a Kid I was constantly seeing films like this then going home getting all the soldiers out and refighting the film.

THE road to Normandy was a muster of the common people of the commonwealth.While all Europe organised its fascist parties the Uk and its peoples took up the struggle.The only country that stood between Mussolini Hitler and theit armies; did we get a good deal out of it=not really but it was one of our finest moments.Toy soldier companies took the period on seriously as the plastic period appeared.
On the far left we have a Dulcop Italian Alpini and below are Dulcop G.I's in an early blister pack. Below that is the fantastic Airfix box of soldiers and then the best soldier Dulcop ever did the German machine gunner.

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