Thursday, 6 November 2008


The world of Italian plastic childrens toys expressed a people; without doubt they produced sets that the English would never have contemplatede let alone the Americans. Mao , Hitler ans Stalin /lenin were some of Atlantics incredible ventures into history. THE ITALIAN company of Dulcop in Bologna still exists.I rang them up a few years ago and asked if they'd produce pieces but they wanted a run of hundreds of thousands,the individual price was pence but it ran into big money with the amount they wanted me to buy.Nevertheless some of their stuff is good.THE stretcher crew is Dulcop and not that inspired to be honest but maybe useful.
The Italian police set is an oddity but as you most likely saw the style is without doubt ATLANTIC.Another Dulcop set is the Germans below.Not bad this set especially the Machine gunner. Then the unusual Dulcop Explorer set which wouldn't put the P.C set in ecstasy. Then the new box art for the old Atlantic Lenin set revived.Finally Dulcop Napoleonics.These were well done.The Wig Wam set is Dulcop but uninspired confection here.The last is Italian but I don't know who by.

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