Friday, 16 September 2011

charbens organ grinder

Charbens was founded around 1925-7 by two brothers, Charles and Ben Reid.  I gave a more detailed run-down of the company's history at the start of my post-war article (Diecast Collector November 2006).   Their first vehicles (of sorts) were the horse-drawn roller, the little goat cart and the costermonger's donkey cart.  These were advertised to the trade in Games & Toys magazine in 1928.  Also mentioned was a reaper - if this was a horse drawn item, I am not familiar with it.  Charbens also used the services of an agent, W.Fasham & Son of 1 Bickerton Road, Upper Holloway, N19, to distribute their toys, and Fasham also advertised in Games & Toys.

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