Thursday, 15 September 2011

lancers by adriano costa great italian scratch builder

17 Rgt. Lancieri - Adriano Costa
The Lancers Reg was famous for its glorious but unfortunate  600 to Balaclava during the Crimean War in 1854, where Russian artillerymade ​​a slaughter of horses and riders because of a mistaken order to attack sent by the commander of the British cavalry.
17 Rgt. Lancieri, Guerra Zulu, 1879

In 1879 it is called in South Africa to strengthen the body of the expedition which had suffered a bad defeat by Zulu to Isandhlwana.17 Rgt. Lancieri - Adriano Costa
In that territory trhe 17th becomes a decisive contrubuton played during the battle of Ulundi,when the British infantry found himself 'surrounded by a large body of Zulu warriors and won to the `appropriate charge of the Lancers, bringing ' confusion and final retreat of the enemy .A pride is kept in one of the British Armies best regiments
17 Rgt. Lancieri - Adriano Costa
17 Rgt. Lancieri - Adriano Costa17 Rgt. Lancieri - Adriano Costa17 Rgt. Lancieri - Adriano Costa17 Rgt. Lancieri - Adriano Costa

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