Sunday, 18 September 2011

christians or maniacs by Atlantic

Rome was brutal in its enforcement of its religious views. Several wars were fought with the Jews in order to try and get them to accept the worship of the deceased Roman emperors as gods. The fighting was so fierce, the great city of Jerusalem was destroyed, and with it the ancient temple of Solomon was razed. Most famously, the Christians were thrown to the lions by emperor Nero who blamed them for the Great Fire of Rome.But salthough history claims it was Nero who burnt the City it was most likely Christians who did. History is the voice of the victors, as we see Cameron of the ugly wife clainm hero worship in Libya with the French dwarf we realise that History is only that of who is in a position to write it.TGhe great library at Alexandria was almost certainly razed to the ground by Christians as this religion like most was a sect.

Later, after the empire had been christianized, the believers in the old Roman gods were equally persecuted by the Christian emperors.
And so too the various heresies (misteachings of Christianity) were persecuted violently by Roman rulers.

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