Thursday, 8 May 2008


These are ready

Rifleman Harris Stng Firing
Companion at the ready fixing to fire
Coonaught Ranger attacking
Terence Hill from the film March Or Die to go with A.I.P figures

Coming. Imminent
James Coburn CROSS OF IRON to go with King and Country firing
James Mason as above firing trench mac
London Volunteers firing
Gene Hackman March or Die firing pistol

In preperation
Imperial Guard attacking bayonet
Russian Nap inf firing
Hessians advancing fixed bayonet AWI
Crimea War Guards adv fixed bayonet
French line inf in greatcoats Peninsular adv fixed bayonet
French Foreign Legion standing Firing March or Die
Arabs stndg firing
Toy soldier range
Westphalian Rifles firing
French Grenadiers in four poses
Russians ww2 Cross of Iron
ACW Zoaves with officer

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