Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Wellington decided to leave South London to the advancing French army.
"They will have to cross the Thames and if we mass all our men and artillery on the other side that won't be easy" Another army from Wales was marching towards London picking up men in its wake and it wouldn't be long for the North to be mobilised. Thee battle for London had to be fought and won quickly. The Royal Navy after the initial shock of being outwitted by the steam craft of Napoleon had now destroyed these ships with a terrible cannodade at Dover. All sank. There was only one thing for it.VICTORY!!!! This was what Napoleon told the French army massed at Kennington.THe English army that faced them was like no other army ever seen in a battle such was the variance in the loyal volunteers uniforms; these soldiers of London wore all the colours under the sun .Would they be a force against Napoleon?
NEW FIGURES IN METAl the london volunteers out very soon.

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