Sunday, 11 May 2008


One of the things I've been thinking about is an ACW range but based on the film Major Dundee. It was a shame that that great actor Charlton Heston died. He was remembered as the great Gordon plus of course Major Dundee. To keep the film going he renounced his salary as Peckinpah had overshot the budget.
Remember the range could be used for the Mexican adventure shown in the film or that of the ACW. I'll try and devote my attention to this sometime. I'd like to do it in plastic and I'm talking to some Chinese firms. Who knows. If you can give advice on that please do. MY PROPOSED RANGE
1. Confederate Zoauve firing coly another in his hand
2. Confed bareheaded bald with beard firing with pistol sabre in other hand
3 French Lancer parrying with broken lance
4Confed thrusting outwards with fixed bayonet
5. Major Dundee with colt and sabre
6.Union soldier firing rifle/carbine
7.same but fat and bareheaded
8.same but kneeling firing
9.Union soldier wearing sombrero firing pistol
10.Union officer kepi firing pistol
11.Quantrill firing shotgun at Lawrence
12.Raider two pistols firing both
13.Same but one pistol
14.Sharpshooter union Stndg firing
15. " " " kneeling firing
14 . Tennessee Volunteers adv with fixed bayonet five versions
15.Western United States infantry advancing but with straw hats.
This is my first drawn up idea . Some will go with the Major Dundee scenario others won't but if you are interested leave your comments

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