Friday, 30 May 2008


Model Soldiers
O'Connor who led the British and commonwealth forces in Eygpt and Libya at the beginning of the Desert War shattered all Italian resistance in a series of wonderfully invented actions. He was not greatly outnumbered but faced terrible odds yet he created such a great use of his men that the Italians run with their tail between their legs. It basically was the triumph of Anglo Saxon logic over Latin rhetoric and hollow at that. Here we see the great O'Connor plus an Italian infantryman in 54mm in sun helmet. Alongside O'Connor is Bordaglio who after the 1910 war in Libya tried his hand in the desert campaign. He was everything the great O'Connor wasn't. The newsagent soldiers is of an Italian libyan auxilary. This series is very rare now but I have some copies at 10 pounds each. There are many different WW2 subjects.

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