Wednesday, 10 December 2008


If you walk the Thames embankment you'll see a little memorial to Outram, no one knows who he was today but all Victorian children knew him.It is in Victoria Gardens;pay your respects next time cos now you know.
Go further to Trafalquar Square and see Havelock's one.

(That friend of you and me, that Neo-Liberal Mr Ken Livingstone waged a campaign to get Havelock and Outram displaced by people Ken likes; Winnie Mandella and some of his bizzare friends maybe?)
The regiments of the British crown had started to look like the Sepoys and they cried CAWNPORE!!!! CAWNPORE!!!!! as the Texans had cried THE ALAMO once in a voice of revenge.
But this was real revenge, revenging the rapes, the mutilations of women and kids.
60 miles in 24 hours=fighting at the end of it.
When the British found the charnel house of the Bibighar in Cawnpore they made the murderers lick up the blood, they added some hot water so it became liquid again then the murderer was forced to lap it and then hanged.
Others were forced onto cannons while officers drank champagne in deck chairs and the human body was blown to pieces , bits and fragments.
They bayoneted as they went for Palmerston had called the atrocities "To be perpetrated only by demons". And you know what? He was right.
The merciless bayonet searched and found and the Indians called the British revenge "The Devils Wind".
India had never been a united kingdom so the idea of a war of independence was wrong, it had been a petty series of war lords who had an idea of justice all their own.
And nothing has changed.Today you are free to starve to death,that's where Independence took them.

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