Wednesday, 10 December 2008


  1. (Images are the residency directlybefore/ after Campbell's arrival. As it is today.Then we see Havelock and then Outram)The arrival of Sir Colin Campbell was weeks away so Havelock had to wait.In that time he sent a messenger to Campbell , he was told four days but it was more like four weeks, the residency was a mere shell but he fought on. When Campbell arrived he did not jopin the garrison but kept things quiet outside so Havelock spirited away the civilian population under many disguises and covers, they marched with the military plus Havelock's troops towards Cawnpore, it was over.
  2. The British flag had never been taken down as it fluttered in the residency. Havelock died shortly=cholera. Here are some images for your pleasure. The first are the bones left after one of the massacres.Then two figures of the cavalry of Havelocks relief column plus infantry.The red coat is by Clydecast who by the way are still in production.(The owner told me that while he is not selling much he still keeps the soldiers available) To be continued.See other parts below

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