Sunday, 7 December 2008


February 1856= 233,000 native troops plus 40,000 European (East Indian and Crown) 3 Sepoy armies=Bengal,Bombay,Madras Keep in mind that the mutiny was one of the Bengal sepoy army only. It was not a national rising. It started after Lord Dalhousie annexed territory of Indian despots whose scandalous handling of law and order was manifest. In OUDH in Bengal the ruler Nana Sahib was pensioned off. He was allowed to continue to take rents. This he resented and started to tamper with native soldiers, the SEPOYS. Also a large number of soldiers had becomre redundant when Oudh was annexed.They were now penniless and became one of the causes of the Bengal mutiny.Apart from this the victory at Gujerat had left a Sepoy army inflated with its own importance.It was idle and as you know that condition leads to many things.In the first image THE BATTLE OF GUJERAT.In the second NANA SAHIB. Now go to the post above this to continue (to be continued)

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