Friday, 12 December 2008

THE Indian Mutiny ninth part "RANI"

The end of the war came at Gwalior and here India produced one of its most famous warriors and for the times one of the strangest,a woman. The war came to an end with a bloodbath;vendetta of the soul but also the righteous sense of dominion. She had been born to a Brahmin family around 1828 in Varanasi. In 1858 the British attacked Gwalior; they laid siege to the city .On June the 17th during the Battle of the Gwalior forts (above) Rani set fire to herself so the story goes as she did not want to become the prisoner of the British. Colonel Molleson saw her as a created martyr as he said."Her countrytmen will always see her as driven by ill-treatment into rebellion".

(below one of the few Indian Sepoy Mutiny producers William Hocker Bengal Horse artillery plus the Gurkhas who sent 10,000 men from Nepal to team up with Campbell)

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