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What Ban Tarleton had been to the British rebels in the American colonies William Hodson was to the murdering sepoys and ruffians, who had mutilated,raped and killed women and kids. He was fearless and rode 30 miles at the gallop with his irregulars to hit the mutineers where they didn't expect to be hit. His men were indians and they wore khaki and called themselves Hodson's Horse.These riders became the Bengal Lancers.The three main players on the British side didn't last long.Havelock died of dysentry, Outram soldiered on for another few years but died because of his exertions in India during the mutiny and Hodson was shot in the liver when they returned to Lucknow.

  1. A soldier was ready to blow a door when Hodson appeared, told him to leave it and then kicked the door in, on its opening he was shot in the liver.He had been the epitomy of the British Cavalry leader, a great leader in war.His only portrait that I know of is below, the one wearing the Pith helmet.His grave is still in India pictured below( Apart from Britains the mutiny is barely covered by the 54mm figure.Britain's did something but not a success. Below are some 28 mm by OLD GLORY(to be continued)
The final episode of the sepoy Mutiny were the lies put out by the Indepenedence movement for india.With this in mind we may remember how the British forces defended India in its hour of need then gave it up immediately after; this was of course the final year of WW2.
Any sane person knows that if the British at Impala had not have stopped the Japs then India would be Jap to this day.Compare some Old Glory metals of the mutiny, see how these compare with the plastic in the post above; the image of Lord Roberts sabrering the sepoy; he won his V.C after taking the colour flag of the sepoys at Khudaganj. Below him is an original photo of the irregular cavalry of Hodson.
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