Tuesday, 9 December 2008


In Meerut the next day 10 May British troops assembled for church . It was evening when hundreds of Sepoys broke into the jail; they were joined by looters and general beggar types intent on plunder.They slew anyone who was white or on the side of the British. On 11 May native cavalry arrived in Dehli and released all prisoners in the jail.They were joined by Sepoys. They killed defenceless babies, their Mothers, the old and ailing and of course any white military or civilian administrators.The English with no companies available blew up the magazine with a great act of heroism.(images above are from the battle/massacre at Dehli) They collected the children and Mothers and tried to retreat.The sufferings of the children were manifold and manifest,at times beyond belief.The survivors were few. On the 26 June 1857 Palmerston got the news.The commander in chief Anson in india was dead.Palmerston appointed the immortal, the Scot, that highlander Sir Colin Campbell to take command. He started the next day to India.On the 1st of July the first ship left England with troops to quell the mutiny. By the end of september 30,000 were on the high seas bound for India. Then Nana Sahib ordered the massacre at Cawnpore.

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